Project Feature vol. 1 This 387.5 squared ft getaway on the shores of Sao Paulo was designed by Brazilian architects Alan Chu and Cristiano Kato as a maid’s quarter . The petite treasure of a building was featured in the 8th Brazilian Architecture Biennale in 2009. This often forgotten programmatic space was given a new importance in the Casa Box. The upper bedroom juts out from the large boulder adjacent to it as the kitchen grows organically below. The structure is at once modern and contextual with the use of linear forms and natural materials such as stone and wood….

DESIGN TRENDS: Bets for 2011

Casa Claudia, a Brazilian interior design magazine, asked 7 renowned designers/architects their predictions for the top trends in design for the next year. This is what they said is to come: ________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Decorations that reflect personal history. Designer: Juliana Llussa 2. Notice the beauty in simple pieces. Designer: Heloisa Crocco 3. Flexible and dynamic interiors. Architect: Guto Requena   4. Nature takes over. Architect: Claudia Haguiara   5. Tidbits of color and humor in daily life. Designers: Caio de Medeiros & Daniela Scorza   6. Return to our roots. Architect: Regina Adorno     7. Equilibrium of man with…