Feeling vs. Thinking

I find so often I go straight in to my mind when I’m encountered with new visual work, art, film, objects. My brain begins analyzing looking for references to make comparisons. It begins trying to define what this is by what it is not and by what it is like. I realize though there is often a lot to be understood from context, one can also become blinded to the direct experience of what is right in front of you if you intellectualize everything.

You might miss it.

What’s missing I’m realizing is feeling. Instead of going straight to the head and staying wrapped up in it can I embody my full self and experience art and the world around me fully with my entire being rather than only my mind?

Do I have the capacity to just see and allow myself to feel?

Jackson Pollock. American, 1912 – 1956. One: Number 31, 1950. Oil and enamel paint on canvas, 8′-10″ x 17′- 5 5/8″. The Museum of Modern Art, New York.


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