JOSEPH DIRAND: French & Modern

There are many many talented designers and architects practicing throughout the world. But once in a while, you see work that personally speaks to you and stops you in your tracks. Every detail, every choice feels deliberate and contributes to a greater result than the “sum of it’s parts”. Joseph Dirand is definitely one of those. In the past few years others have been taking note and this French architect has become “trés populaire”. Well, popular or not, I’m a fan. I think you might become one too!

/// French architect/designer

Dirand’s projects are masculine and minimalist yet set against the softer & refined elements of French architecture they achieve a sense of balance. Opulent finishes like marble & gold leafing are used sparingly to allude to those quintessential Old World French interiors. He then makes them new by introducing modern and often minimalist forms with a restrained neutral palette. Grays and whites set the scene while black defines.

Residential Project – Bellechasse (The Designer’s Home): 


Residential Project – Varenne: 


Commercial Project – Monsieur Bleu: 


For more of Dirand’s work visit

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