Marbella House by A-CERO

Okay, so I’ve been magnetically attracted to the Mediterranean lately (but then again, who doesn’t love it?). While happily browsing the internet I came across images of the Spanish firm, A Cero’s, exquisite Marbella house.

On the exterior, linear planes clad in horizontal bands of stone fly over reflective ponds filled with river stones. Large irregular black-tinted windows appear like the openings to sacred tombs. And, both by night and by day, the entire place is strategically lit to accentuate the architecture.

On the interiors the minimalism continues with neutral tones and finishes accentuated by statement pieces like the amazing kitchen chandelier. In the rock garden, there are 3 spectacular root sculptures from Luminaire.



  1. le145minimalist

    Almost Nothing… Beautiful and pure. These places are very echo and sound attenuation accessories are often needed. Very sexy though !


    1. rlbastos

      Good point with the acoustic issues. I’m sure they have to soften it up on the interiors so it’s more comfortable to inhabit.

      But it is sexy isn’t it?!


      1. le145minimalist

        Indeed it is. I wrote you about it because I experienced it in my own ” house ”. Mine is a gypsum BOX with Bamboo floors. Even if we were ” aware” of the problem and choose ”smoother” material, we had the echo problem so we drapped the ceiling horizontally 2ft from it… From what I see this place is built with marble.There are many great Ideas and design but at the end it is all about the comfort of the creatures. ( )


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