HOTEL SEZZ by Christophe Pillet

Designer Christophe Pillet’s Hotel Sezz is a modern beauty along the French Riviera. Olive trees, stone walls, azure waters and royal palms on the outside reveal you are in St. Tropez. But inside, the clean minimalist lines, updated wood paneling, colorful accents, and mid-century inspired furniture creates a bright Californian vibe.

Besides the charming location, I’m loving the minimalism with pops of reds and chartreuse, the double height brushed aluminum shutters and the smooth gray stone flooring found throughout the hotel. Sometimes modernism can make spaces distant and serious but here I feel it does just the opposite. I could just see guests lounging, dining and relaxing in a cool layed-back vibe. As a matter of fact, I could REALLY see myself on one of those loungers having a mimosa while reading a good summer book…








One Comment

  1. in love! can we please be there already?! 🙂
    joking aside… some of the shots (mainly from the rooms) reminded me of this hotel i stayed in sonoma (


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