PROJECT FEATURE: Weathered in Miami Beach

This past August I had the chance to collaborate with Lead Designer Lisa Whyte and the new Lead Designer of Dkor Interiors, Karina Donadel for the design and project management of this beautiful apartment in Miami Beach.

We wanted to evoke a sense of timelessness that would bring both comfort and luxury to this family of five.

For this we used many different textures like this fine silk wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries, to the cool honed travertine we wrapped around the central pod, to the soft ivory cowhide rug from Artefacto, the weathered wooden planks of the dining room walls and the huge custom shag in the family room from Carpet Boutique. We wanted to create a tactual experience for the daily user so the tonalities are very neutral allowing the forms and textures to become the main features of the design.

You’ll notice several forms like chairs, occasional tables, the stunning master bed, and especially the art create the sense of framing space without overtaking it with volume. And then we also included key sculptural pieces like the one-of-a-kind floor lamp in the Living from Jalan Jalan and the root dining table base from Sharron Lewis.

In these living room shots the 3 black and white photos are limited series fiber prints by quintessential Everglades photographer Clyde Butcher. These were originally shot with large format black and white film and are each handmade by the artist in his dark room. The mixed media piece in the living room is an impressive 8′ x 5′ and was purchased from Michael Dawkins Home in the Miami Design District. Last but not least, in the dining room we placed an original limited series photograph from the talented local artist and very nice guy, Rafael Balcazar.

In the teenagers’ bedrooms we wanted to continue with the weathered concept while making them more fun and modern. The main attractions of both rooms are the custom canvas wall panels with the black and white photography (which Karina and Ivonne will attest to being the bane of my existence for about a month and possibly the worst great idea I’ve ever had). Upon first meeting our clients one of the first things they mentioned was their absolute devotion to the Yankees, thus the Babe Ruth action shot in the eldest son’s bedroom.

One of my favorite rooms in the apartment was the smallest one – the girl’s room. We chose to make her room an interpretation of the industrial weathered glam we were trying to create in the rest of the apartment with a feminine twist. Here we paired the ivory leather tufted headboard (West Elm) with a slightly metallic khaki grasscloth wall covering (also from Phillip Jeffries) with a glass links chandelier from West Elm and an ivory cowhide rug from Serena & Lilly .

Last but not least, I cannot fail to mention the gorgeous horn wall tiles we installed in the Master Bedroom (Porcelanosa). The day I walked into the job site and saw those installed I had  one of those “aha” moments. Priceless!

*** Photography by Renata Bastos

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