BRINGING HOME: The Greek Terrace

 One of the many places I have yet to visit is Greece. I have always been attracted to those images of the white stucco walls with the blue wooden doors mimicking the Mediterranean. There’s something of the exotic though fresh and crisp about them. Though you may not have the sweeping views of the Sea from your apartment, you can still bring some of this charm to your outdoor space by incorporating some of these key elements:

1. Paint walls and concrete flooring white.

* The best paint for exterior concrete floors are high gloss, polyurethane based paint (ValSpar makes a good product), or an epoxy designed to withstand the elements.

2. Create the look of built in furniture by placing colorful floor-cushions against a wall with decorative pillows

* Check out some of these great FLOOR CUSHION FINDS !

3. Hang fabric or curtains from overhangs for some romance 

* For a soft look use sheers in pale whites and ivories. For a more bold effect try colorful exotic patterns.

4. Place a potted bougainvillea plant to bring in that touch of hot pink to contrast with the blue and white.

5. Choose laid – back and low – key furniture pieces.

* Foldable canvas chairs and charming bistro style pieces make for perfect extra seating options!

6. Last but not least, don’t forget to light up your space at night with some beautiful lanterns. 

* These porcelain ones from West Elm should do the trick!


  1. Lianna

    Beautiful pictures, You have definitely captured the simplicity of Greek-island chic!


    1. rlbastos

      Thank you for the feedback Lianna! It’s nice to get away sometimes isn’t it? Photos will sometimes do that. I love that about them 😉


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