DESIGN TRENDS: Bets for 2011

Casa Claudia, a Brazilian interior design magazine, asked 7 renowned designers/architects their predictions for the top trends in design for the next year. This is what they said is to come:

1. Decorations that reflect personal history.

Designer: Juliana Llussa

This collection of vintage mirrors and keep-sakes makes a beautiful installation

2. Notice the beauty in simple pieces.

Designer: Heloisa Crocco

3. Flexible and dynamic interiors.

Architect: Guto Requena

24-Room Transformer House
24-Room Transformer House: Bedroom
24- Room Transformer House: Living Room


4. Nature takes over.

Architect: Claudia Haguiara

House in Nagoya, Japan by Suppose Design Office


An Indoor Garden inside a Spanish Office Building

5. Tidbits of color and humor in daily life.

Designers: Caio de Medeiros & Daniela Scorza


6. Return to our roots.

Architect: Regina Adorno


Cottages at Fallingwater by Patkau Architects – exterior


7. Equilibrium of man with nature.

Designers: Luciana Martins & Gerson de Oliveira


Diller Scofidio + Renfro’s Grass Roofed Hypar Pavillion at Lincoln Center, NYC
People sit on grassy roof of Hypar Pavillion at Lincoln Center, NYC
Interior view of restaurant within the Hypar Pavillion



  1. Ana B.

    I love the personalization feel you get from showcasing items that were passed down from other generations or found in an antique or vintage shop.
    Especially nowadays when mass-produced Ikea, West Elm, etc pieces seem to be found in most homes. I think using personal one-of-a-kind items brings warmth and interest to an otherwise catalogue-y space.


  2. rlbastos

    Thanks for your input! I totally agree. I love walking into a space and feeling like each object has a story to tell. It seems to create a depth that is often lacking in today’s world.


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